Gambling as a Problem to Effect Local Economy

Maybe many people wonder how come that political leaders agree with the settlement of various gambling establishments when knowing where these activities can lead some people to do. The same leaders are aware of the problems that may arise from gambling, but at the same time they hope to raise revenue from these establishments without having any consequences to the constituents.

In this way the matter is regarded only on the short run without looking at the bigger picture. The same leaders are actually voted and in charge only for a few years and when the time comes for being re-elected they raise with the programs they have financed from the revenue gathered from gambling activities.

During this time all the negative effects will be felt upon the economy while the leader is no longer the same for the following years. The fact that gambling addiction exists doesn't seem to bother the politicians as long as many of those presenting the addiction are afraid to actually admit that there is a problem.

And it can get even worse with those who are already set to do other dishonest things such as employees stealing from their employers just for the need of gambling one more time. Again, the political leaders will be those who win in this situation while the economy loses.

People are excessively involved in gambling and this activity can not expand if the people are not in it gambling their hard earned money. Another effect that this fact can have on economy is that in this way many people will cut the costs of their expenses while shopping as long as the money needed will be in their majority spent on gambling process.

While economy on this side is losing, gambling establishments are winning and thus flourishing through many other facets. They open gift shops, restaurants located in their own buildings for the profits to be controlled also in the same location. They issue various points cards they give to their customers who are spending them also on the products existing inside their premises. Once again local economy loses and gambling houses win.

It is however a known fact that not al people involved in gambling are addicted to it, they can as well see this as an entertaining mean for them and their friends as well.

They are counted as casual gamblers and they can find also great places in there to eat and spend their money for them and their families as well having dinner in the establishments restaurants and spending their leisure and even holidays while booking with hotels built inside the gambling premises. Now this is again another situation in which local economy has to suffer while gambling industry prospers.

As seen from above, this fact starts being almost epidemic and in this case, political leaders need to step in and take some measures by regulating these establishments and/or consider closing them down until a good, viable solution is found.

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