Types of Gambling - Psychological Approach

The attraction that people manifest towards the game of chance is something that has its roots deep in the need of man to emerge as a champion among the other folks existing in the crowd. This has been part of the process of survival that has been with mankind since its inception. Therefore this desire has been implemented inside our brain since the decision of the first two people populating this world to take their chances breaking their promise made to God: Adam and Eve biting the apple from the tree of knowledge.

Coming closer to our modern era we can find the same need of survival and attraction to taking chances through the act of gambling. This activity has brought multi-billions over time to those initiating the places that displayed the possibilities of accessing the gambling for people in need of some entertaining and not only. The fact is the existence of these casinos will make people who are otherwise intelligent and reasonable to spend their hard earned money in a single night. But what compels them do such a thing?

It is necessary to understand that there are all sorts of personalities that populate this category of gamblers. Some of them go for the charming type, the James Bond character-like who always know their aces they have in the sleeve, who also make gambling such a glamorous activity.

On the opposite end there is the other category of the addicted ones who need to get money through all sorts of poor and dishonest means: through cheating, stealing and other alike. This type has become so addicted that he can become a real threat to society and the family members as well.

But those who are more often present inside the real casino life are divided in three categories with their own reasons:

#1. Low risk gamblers and casual gamblers - a category taking gambling for what this actually is, a sport. For these persons, gambling comes with those skills that allow them to establish that they are persons belonging to this world.

#2. Problem gamblers or gamblers playing by habit - these people see the activity of gambling more than an entertaining activity, but rather that of a business. This has become a habit that can not be easily eliminated for they go deep in it just for the sake of gambling.

#3. Pathological gamblers - a category consisting of those persons with the same characteristics described above only this one has developed into a compulsion designed by the ability of resisting the irrational needs. They can be attracted to gambling for rather irrational reasons losing as such the power to a rightful judgment.

Apart from these types, one should know that these games are generally created to enable gamblers think that they might have their own strategies that can improve with more practice, thus giving birth to gambling addiction.

Warning signs of a possible gambling problem:

  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Missing personal or household items
  • Hiding gambling losses from family members
  • Secrecy or deception when asked about gambling or finances
  • Late notices or telephone calls from creditors
  • Talks only about wins, not losses
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Failed attempts to cut back or stop gambling
  • Intense interest in gambling-related matters

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